As a full-service, concept-to-manufacture-to-supply product development company, our mission is to identify or invent differentiated products and services that fit best with wide or rapidly growing markets. We fund, develop and assist innovators, entrepreneurs and companies to conceive, design, produce, market, deliver and manage revolutionary new products.

We create or modify products for the consumer goods marketplace, owning every step in the value chain- from conception to shelf or direct to consumer. We work to identify and capitalize on unmet opportunities. Our products respond and adapt to ever-changing consumer demographics, tastes and preferences because we focus on those that possess unique selling attributes.

From insight to shelf, we provide a business platform that bridges the gap between inventors and the world’s leading consumer goods retailers and brands. We have perfected a system that manages the entire cycle: analysis, R&D, engineering and design, production, delivery and marketing.

ICG’s unique advantage lies in its sound understanding of consumer goods and retail trends & needs from continuous tracking and analysis. Our innovative products are beautifully designed to engender customer loyalty and our long-term partnerships with leading players lend strength to our thorough knowledge of the entire value chain.

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