Our Methodology
ICG Ventures funds develops and assists innovators, entrepreneurs and companies to conceive, design, produce, supply, market and manage revolutionary new products. We understand the required margins, the environmental and ethical standards, the legal aspects, and the required supply chain setup.
Our Methodology

From insight to the shelf, ICG Ventures provides a business platform that bridges the gap between inventors or designers and the world’s leading consumer goods retailers and brands. we have perfected a system that manages the entire product development cycle: analysis, research & development, engineering and design, intellectual property management, mass production and global supply & marketing.

With many millions of items sold worldwide, what differentiates ICG Ventures from its competitors is the speed, commitment and Passion with which it responds to changes in technology, the marketplace and/ or the supply chain. We increase revenue yield per cm in categories we operate or we create new income.

Global Marketing
In today’s global marketplace, many new parameters must be taken into consideration. Thinking globally and acting locally, our marketing plans derive from research into local consumer needs and trends.
At ICG, we hold all of our products to the highest standard, ensuring that all of our products meet and exceed quality, environmental and ethical expectations, from product design to manufacturing.
Schedules & lead time
ICG’s products go from concept to production and from production to retail in record time. This rapidity perfectly positions ICG to align with its client’s needs, whether it’s a private label project or a holiday/ seasonal deadline.
Financial planning
Financial strategy is drafted to best serve our clients, partners and suppliers by analyzing working capital, mass manufacturing, unique payment terms and related risks. ICG works to determine the best practice strategy.
Product development begins with identifying the differentiated products, the needs to which they cater, and the services that fit best with rapidly changing markets or that have the potential to become a category game changer.
ICG uses only trusted and audited suppliers whose credentials and reliability are continuously vetted. Supplier compliance with all international standards and requirements is strictly monitored and enforced.
Engineering & design
Each of our products has been carefully designed, tested and patented when possible. Targeted for global distribution, our products enable a maximum return on investment for our partners and affiliates.
Strategic planning
We understand that our partners rely on us, our products and our expertise to ensure top performance. Effective strategic planning is a vital tool that aids us in identifying our client’s needs and pursuing an optimal course of action.
Consumer trends are closely monitored to enable us to time these launches so that launches are well-planned and orchestrated to optimize points of sale, season and related events.

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