Our Secret
ICG is passionate about innovation-based problem-solving. What makes our services so unique and effective is our ability to recognize from a concept the product that has the potential to thrive in a highly competitive global marketplace.
Leadership planed in advance

Our products are designed to endure as a platform and as a category leader in their respective marketing channels. Every one of our products has been analyzed and tested to ensure its future success and a high return on investment for all partners involved.

Innovation driven by Passion

The secret ingredient that facilitates the growth of our products from concept to shelf is Passion. Passion is what drives our commitment to finding the best at every level of the supply chain, and passion is what drives our commitment to forming solid relationships with clients and partners. It is the secret ingredient that guarantees our dedication to delivering on our promises.

ICG’s products are produced only by reliable suppliers with state-of-the-art technology and supply chain management to ensure uniformly superior quality. ICG knows that its products will be used and loved by clients around the world, so we make sure that they stand up to the tests of time and use. The result of the care with which we produce our innovative items is that consumers the world over are satisfied and trust the brand behind the product.

The solid relationships that ICG continues to forge stand as a testament to how successful we have been in delivering our superior quality products to the market. Time, cost and quality are of the utmost importance, and our partners benefit from our understanding of the global supply chain and our dedication to innovative products.

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