Sales channels: 

  1. Retail: Sports, Pharmacy and drug store, Orthopedic chains.
  2. Online: several channels.
  3. Direct TV 
Venture / Brand:
Launch year:
Launching on Q1 2024
Products sold:
Consumer segments:
Sports (from pro to hobby)
Rcovery (from injury or operation)
Overweight and Obese
Pregnant women
Elderly population
Law enforcement agencies

Business case:

The need:  

To lower weight pressure extracted on the different joints and get a power boost to your leg muscle. (Our first product is the Active Knee Brace).

Several medical or lifestyle conditions require extra support, power enhancement and weight pressure reduction (e.g. overweight/ obese, elderly population, recovery from an injury or an operation, pregnancy).

Several activities require a power boost to the leg muscle, extra stability, impact absorption and increased endurance (e.g. different Sports (skiing, basketball, hiking,..), Work involving physical activities & weight handling and Law enforcement agencies’ need for enhanced safety  & performance). 

Consumer segments:

  • Sports (Pro to Hobby)
  • Recovery (from injury or operation)
  • Overweight and Obese
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly population
  • Law enforcement agencies

The Opportunity and Vision:

Significantly improving life quality for several large consumer segments. 

Designing, producing and marketing a full line of innovative active orthopedic braces which help and/ or treat several medical conditions and enhance safety & performance.  Several of the active braces allow a significant reduction of the weight pressure extracted on the joint, power boost and in addition, offer a training functionality. ­­­­­­­

Build a global distribution and a recognized brand.

Introducing the first item in the nubrace line: the Active Knee Brace- the ultimate solution for anyone looking to decrease pressure extracted on the knee joint, lower pain, enhance performance, increase stability, recover from knee injury/ operation, or want extra support during physical activities and sports. Whether you're a seasoned athlete, recovering from an injury, or simply looking for extra support and power boost, the Active Knee Brace has you covered. Designed to provide maximum support and power to your knees and legs, this brace is perfect for a wide range of activities, such as walking, running, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, basketball, standing up, sitting down, jumping, and carrying weight. Ideal for anyone who needs or desires extra support, power and agility, the Active Knee Brace is perfect for individuals who suffer from Overweight, age-related conditions, or injury and for those who are looking to take their performance to the next level. Not only does the Active Knee Brace provide exceptional support and protection but it's also incredibly comfortable and easy to use. Made from high-quality materials and designed with the user in mind, this brace is guaranteed to help you perform at your best.

Launch Q4 2023
Innovative insoles addressing and solving several large medical conditions. Started with Plantar fasciitis heel pain and moving on to several other conditions, our technology, know-how and patents are set to bring long awaited relief and recovery.
Flo atomaizer
Flo atomaizer
The world’s first truly 100% universal refillable atomizer. A game changer in the travel and on the go category, the FLO perfume atomizer has become a solid wildly used tool in the cosmetic accessory industry.
Practicality and functionality on the go for mobile phone/ tablets users. A smart and cool product line in which each item address a certain situation and makes it better & safer.
Addressing a true pain and health conditions existing in several consumer segment, Core is designed to increase awareness and push for active personal health day-to-day management. Better quality of life is the vision behind this wearable sensor.

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